English masses in Sai Gon

Publié par Paroisse Francophone de Saigon

You are looking for a mass in english in Saigon? Lucky you!

There are two english masses every week-end :

- On Saturday, the mass is at 6 pm in the pastoral center of the diocese of Saigon ( in vietnamese:   
Trung Tâm Mục Vụ  street  6Bis Tôn Đức Thắng, Quận 1

It's a pastoral center, not a church: Entering in the compound; you head to the building in front of you. The mass is on the third floor: The choir that sings during the mass is a Philipino choir. 

- On Sunday morning at 9h30 at the cathedral  (Our lady of Saigon) Nhà thờ Dức Ba.

- On Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm in the Church Mai Khoi. (44 Tu Xuong Street) (the church where the french speaking community gathers in the morning).

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